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September 12th/2007-"chapter 7 title page"

September 14th/2007-"Idle Minds"

September 17th/2007-"Baka"

September 19th/2007-"Shiny Penny"

September 21st/2007-"Diversionary Tactics "

September 24th/2007-"They watch Youtube too"

September 26th/2007-"Iron Realism "

September 28th/2007-"Watchful eyes "

October 1st/2007-"Telephonic Serendipity"

October 4th/2007-"That's a century baby!"

October 5th/2007-"No Dalmations at all!"

October 8th/2007-"Thanksgiving 2007"

October 10th/2007-"The Brave and the Cold#6"

October 12th/2007-"The Brave and the Cold#7"

October 15th/2007-"No love lost"

October 17th/2007-"Surprisingly violent"

October 19th/2007-"More Violence"

October 22nd/2007-"Faked expectations"

October 24th/2007-"Ninja Flash "

October 26th/2007-"“Darwinism gone stale”

October 29th/2007-"Halloween 07' part 1"

October 31st/2007-"Halloween 07' part 2 "

November 5th/2007-"Halloween 07' part 3 "