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#115-Last Call

So long for now faithful readers. Thank you for everything.


Okay, real talk with Matt for a minute.

Once February ends, the comic is going to go on a hiatus, and to be perfectly honest, it may not come out of it.

In recent days, I have had increasing difficulty summoning the motivation to work on the comic. I'm not entirely sure why, but the creative fire has dimmed. A symptom of this has been the rather erratic update schedule, which has not helped my moral.
If I am to continue with the comic, or with any creative endeavor, I don't want it to be just part of my routine, I want to be excited to sit down and work on it.
And that's just not happening right now, for whatever reason.

So, I want to thank all our readers, from the bottom of my heart, for sticking with me all this time. It really hurts me to think I may be disappointing you all, but I whatever I end up doing I want it to be the best product I can deliver to you, and for that I need to find my passion again.

It might be a return to the comic, it might be something new. Whatever it is, I will be sure to announce its debut loudly and with great flourish on the facebook page.

Again, thank you all so much for reading. I love you all.