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Important stuff out of the way, when do you update?

The plan is to have comics out twice a week, usually* on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Last week there wasn't a Friday comic till late at night, what gives?

The comics go up when they are done, and I can't always get them done at a constant time. Sadly, making the comic at this point in time is a personal project. I have work and other boring real life distractions, but that's okay. I am dedicated to getting two comics up a week, not getting comics up at specific times. That may change but for now that's the situation.

So, what is this comic even about?

People, living their lives, and for the foreseeable future, a lot of those lives will be in a bar, called The Stargazer. Anything more would be spoilers.

Wasn't stargazer the name of a starship?

Maybe, shut up.

Will more questions be added to this page?

Most certainly, keep an eye on the front page bulletins!