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Many people across many years have poured their time and creativity into roleplaying games. Some have even used their talents to create resources for both players and DMs (sort of like what Iím trying to do with this siteÖ).
Below you will find links to a few resources I personally think would prove very helpful for players and DMs alike. If you know of a resources you think would make a good addition to this page, please use the information on the contact page, and share with me your discovery.

Perram's Spellbook - A Pathfinder Spell Card Generator

One thing that has always bothered me in roleplaying games is the disconnect between what is happening in the game, and what is happening around the table. The in-game heroes might be facing down a horde of frenzied gnoll raiders, but around the table, the sorcerer is digging through a stack of papers for the specific rules for a spell.
To remedy this, I like to take a page from a type of game that is often a little more faced paced, card games.

Perram's Spellbook his a great site that can creat customized cards for your spells, so when your turn rolls around, casting a spell can be easy as setting a card down on the table.

Home Brew Setting: The Betrayer's Veil

The Longest lasting home brew setting I created, that even spawned its own spin off (pirates!).
A world of vast walled cities, surrounded by endless forests haunted by zombies, hags, cultists, and things much, much worse. A world where heroes fight not just for themselves, but to fight back a darkness that seems to be eternally closing in to destroy the last pockets of sanity and civilization. Also there are sometimes you find a goat named Phyllis in a limbo-like dimension and adopt them into your party. I'm still expanding and refinding this setting, but I wanted to share what I have with anyone interesting in exploring it, or even just nicking elements for their own games. Click on the link below for information on the Betrayer's Veil setting, and it's nautical spin off The Mournful Sea

Click Here to learn more:
The Betrayer's Veil and The Mournful Sea

Map Making Tools

Having custom made maps for your setting can be a nice addition to any campagin, and can help a great deal with player immersion. The following link has a number of tools which could be very helpful for any fantasy cartographers out there.

Roll20: Useful links for mapping