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The Cast

April 21st /2008.

Tiny Amy

Ok, while I know it may be disappointing to many that there isn’t a continuing comic about our current riveting plot line, considering the circumstances, I don’t give a shit.

Notice the fact that I wasn't censored there? It's because I have barred Matt from working on the comic till his final assignments are done. The current story requires some cool art to fully express of our collective vision for the story, the likes of which he would have to devout a significant effort to. This would be tricky under the best of times, which this is most certainly not.

While he would never admit he has a problem to me, I know he's been struggling with some of his school work, and rather than have him split his time, I’ve taken matters into my own recently manicured hands.

Until he has 4/5 of his remaining assignments completed or more, he will not be making any new comics. If you’re asking, why 4/5, I’ll ask you, were you expecting a round number from me??

In place of it, I’ll be taking works of his art and messing with them to my hearts content. Who knows, maybe you'll like my style better!

Wishful thinking? Perhaps.



See you Wendesday!

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