How did you come up with the name "Talking Heads"?

The title is sort an inside joke, tied into my style or drawing back when I first started making it in my first year of university. At the time, it was very literal; characters were nothing more than floating, talking heads. The lucky ones got necks, and they were grateful for it. While I have made vast improvements in the quality of the art, most of my comics do end up being the characters standing around talking, so it still kind of fits. The unofficial name, which I will fall back on if someone ever sues me, is Fishnets and Coffee.

How often do you update?

Ideally, updates go up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 10:00 CST, or occasionally the night before if I am somehow ahead of schedule.  If I’m not going to be able to update, or there is some technical problem, I will likely leave a message explaining the situation.

How long does it take you to draw one of the comics?

Depending on how complex the art is, and if I have the dialogue polished off, it can take around 45minutes to an hour or more, unless copious amount of caffeine is used. Caffeine is a fun word to type.

Where do you get your inspiration for your comics from?

That is sort of a hard question to answer. Often the comics spawn from random ideas I have during the course of my day. The overarching plot of the comic though, has slowly and carefully been worked on for several years, with the general outline of chapters already planned out often months in advance.

Are you crazy?

Actually, I’m the only sane person, everyone else is crazy, or does that amount to the same thing? Next Question!

What program do you use to draw talking heads?

Originally, I did most of the work in Paint. I am now firmly entrenched in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator but I am always looking for methods to both improve and streamline my process.

Are any of your characters based on real people?

A…few of my characters may have a passing similarity, or similar name to some people I know, but once they step into Canada City, they are independent interties, and their behaviour reflects little on anyone they may or may not have been based upon. Except Amy.

What is Death to Noobs?

Death to Noobs is a World of Warcraft themed additional webcomic hosted on our site. It's mainly associated with the Thunderhorn server guild, Death Without Dishonour. Usually it follows the misadventures of Faithurbonv, an undead priestess on the server, or anything else we think is funny about the game. Sadly, it's not updated very often, as making the comics are slightly more involved than he usual talking heads comics.


Special thanks to Julia Shaw for helping with the questions for this page.