Cast - Amy Sassy Sorceress
Amy Ravenburg

Alignment: CN

Strengths: Magic, determination, appetite for violence

Weaknesses: Matt, coffee, geeky stuff, doesn't think things through.

Cast - Matt Nerd Exemplar
Matt Urban

Alignment: CG

Strengths: Science.

Weaknesses: Amy, sweets, geeky stuff, too understanding.


amy-bio Matriarch of Fun
Sarah Ravenburg

Alignment: CG

Strengths: Lust for life, Love for Phil, Party instincts.

Weaknesses: Guilt, possible dependent personality, occasionally oblivious.

amy-bio Woodworking Paragon
Phil Stevenson

Alignment: LG

Strengths: Love for Sarah, rock hard moral compass. Also abs.

Weaknesses: Too damn nice.


Cast - Amy More Ninja than you

Alignment: LE

Strengths: Black belt in kicking your ass, vast hidden arsenal.

Weaknesses: Deep seated emotional instability.



Cast - Matt Dragon Stalker

Alignment: NG

Strengths: Detachment.

Weaknesses: Anything with scales, wings and fire breath. Japanese junk food.



amy-bioMaestro of Meanness

Alignment: NE

Strengths: Razor sharp tongue, inexplicable ability to get women to sleep with him at least once.

Weaknesses: Sadly, none that we know of.

amy-bioGrande Gamer
Gus Dreidger

Alignment: CG

Strengths: Is better at any game than you are.

Weaknesses: Lack of screen time.


Cast - AmySavy Cyclops
Madeline Dieudonné

Alignment: CG

Strengths: Good business sense, roledex of investors

Weaknesses: Lack of depth perception and ship sinking loose lips.



Cast - Amy Original Iron Maiden
Midnight Keilheim

Alignment: N

Strengths: Fiery temper focused through a rapier wit for massive damage.

Weaknesses: A lack of trust.



Cast - AmyRoyal Space Barmaid

Alignment: CG

Strengths:Royalty not from around here, with rather useless powers beyond those of mortal ladies.

Weaknesses: Fish out of stellar water.



Cast - AmyThe living tribute

Alignment: N

Strengths: Freedom where there was no freedom before.

Weaknesses: Questionable biological stability, inferiority complex.



Cast - AmyMeta Warrior
Amy Prime

Alignment: ?

Strengths: Walks between the forth wall to deliver knowledge

Weaknesses: Uncertain place in continuity. Hairstyle instability