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January 5th/2011
Subject: Entertainment(absurd)

Pardon the language, lol

October 18th/2010
Subject: Entertainment

I love a good lyrics. :D

October 17th/2010
Subject: Games.

Oh, oh my. Here be Dragons.

May 8th/2010
Subject: Games.

I'm no where near the game nerd Matt is, nor am I up to the level of sci-fi nerd he is either, but I still find this trailer pretty cool, mostly due to the combination of the visuals and the narration. I love me a good space drama, though I probably will still never play the game.

January 25th/2010
Subject: Music.

Such beautiful music, such sadness.

An ode to one who has fallen. Time and events have left it unclear whether the song refers to the former prince of Lordaeron or his beloved steed.

October 23rdth/2009
Subject: Video/Entertainment.


Makes me reconsider my thoughts on not having a formal wedding.


October 11th/2009
Subject: Web Sites/Entertainment.

Zero PunctuationThe Escapist presents: Zero Punctuation

Zero punctuation is defined by Wikipedia by as:

"A video game review series created by comedy writer, video game journalist and gamer Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw and produced by online magazine The Escapist. Each week's review is previewed on The Escapist Show the Tuesday before it is released on Wednesday in the Zero Punctuation section of the website."

To me, the videos are an often insightful weekly romp in hilarity narrated with a foul mouthed British accent. I'm not really much of a gamer, so I suppose I'm really not gaining much consumer information from watching the reviews, but often when Yahtzee begins to wax philosophical on the concept of games as an art form, something in my shriveled lump of coal of a heart warms up. I watch the videos for entertainment value and a critique of gaming culture more than of the specific games he is reviewing. His wit is sharper than razor blade and anyone who is a fan of unapologetic British humor and is even remotely familiar with video games as a whole will likely find him very amusing.